About Dr. Yafi Yair

Dr. Yafi completed her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (Psy.D.) in Miami, Florida in 2014. In her practice, she has been focusing on hypnosis, spiritual explorations, and human wellness. She was greatly influenced by the works of Dolores Cannon, Dr. Brian Weiss, and Dr. Michael Newton. In addition to her therapeutic experience, Dr. Yafi Yair is a channel (graduate of a long-form channeling training with Lyssa Royal Holt), and channels messages from a variety of Masters and guides, including the Divine Feminine (Hathor), Earth elements, and extradimensional intelligences.

 Dr. Yafi is also an energy worker and an intuitive. She is trained and certified as an Angel Card Reader by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine. Additionally, Dr. Yafi attends the Monroe Institute regularly, a center for consciousness exploration that she loves, and she is currently a South Florida Monroe Community Group Leader. Dr. Yafi is also an artisan and sells her gemstone jewelry, The Archangel Board, and other creations at conferences, where she speaks, and various local outlets.

Dr. Yafi Yair's approach is holistic, and she believes that wellness includes all aspects of life. Her main focus is enhancing the quality of life of those she crosses paths with through inner explorations in a loving space. This is where her passion for hypnosis fits in as well, as it is a powerful tool in accessing information, memories, and insight from our inner and more aware self. Since 2021, Dr. Yafi has been focusing on her own channeling, bringing in different spiritual connections, delivering messages to others, and expanding her own mind.

In the book "Conversations with the Earth" Dr. Yafi Yair channels insightful messages from the Earth's elements, spirit guides, and the Divine Feminine Hathor. With Dr. Yafi, you are invited to explore inner growth, joyful living, self-love, and transformation amidst today's momentous times (available under                    ).

Dr. Yafi currently lives in Ellenton, Florida with her husband and their two doggies, who they love dearly. She welcomes individual clients and groups for counseling, hypnosis, readings, and channeling sessions, and holds weekly Zoom channeling and Light Language groups. Dr Yafi is committed to and is passionate about the joyful consciousness expansion and integration of herself, individuals around her, and humanity as a whole.